Monday, November 5, 2012

SPOTTED: Hanne Is Comme des Garçons

Out of all the fall 2012 collections, Rei Kawakubo's experiment with two-dimensional pieces at Comme des Garçons is definitely the most memorable. Full of oversize silhouettes executed in bright, childish colours and floral prints, it just subtly screams innovation. It's definitely not wearable (come back when you see anyone in flat and gigantic pieces of clothing on the streets, #PicsOrItDidntHappen), but since when did that discourage Rei enthusiasts from wearing Comme des Garçons? Street style wunderkind Hanne Gaby Odiele, among many others, was recently seen wearing a pair of red shorts from the collection during fashion month. Paired with a cap and cropped jacket, it justs... works. Like how waffles are always better than pancakes(it's a texture thing). And on a completely irrelevant note, can Hanne Gaby just be my mum already or is that too creepy? Just kidding.

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  1. love her (and that skirt's) boldness!